Sylvia Lindinger-SternartHailing from Austria, Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart, PhD, originally worked as an engineering project manager at VA Tech Elin EBG in Linz, Austria, from 1997 to 2004. During this time, she observed two of her colleagues struggle with mental health issues, which led one of them to suicide. Greatly impacted by this experience, she decided to change career paths and study psychology. Prior to establishing herself as a trusted voice in the field, Dr. Lindinger-Sternart pursued an education at Universität Salzburg in Austria, where she earned a Master of Science in clinical psychology in 2007. Additionally, she obtained a Master of Science in counseling from Bowling Green State University in 2011. She concluded her studies at the University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio, graduating with a PhD in counseling education and supervision.

A leader in her profession, Dr. Lindinger-Sternart excels at the University of Providence, where she has earned distinction as an associate professor since 2020, the director and an assistant professor of counseling since 2016, and an associate professor of psychology and counseling from 2015 to 2016. Between 2014 and 2015, she flourished as an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University, having previously worked as an instructor of record at the University of Toledo Physicians LLC from 2011 to 2014. Dr. Lindinger-Sternart first undertook an internship in clinical psychology at ADULA Psychosomatic Clinic in Oberstdorf, Germany, in 2004. After this role, she provided her services at the Wagner-Jauregg and the Klinikum Wels psychiatric clinics in Austria before moving abroad to the United States. Once stateside, she worked at Devlac Hall, Allies for Mental Health, the College Counseling Center at the University of Toledo, the Center for Mental Health and the Rocky Front Counseling Center in Great Falls, Montana. Her most recent clinical experiences include the high school summer program at the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation. Since 2019, Dr. Lindinger-Sternart has worked at the Heart Butte High School on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation where she provides individual counseling, trauma treatment, treatment planning and family counseling.

Throughout her career, Dr. Lindinger-Sternart has received numerous accolades for her work. These honors include:

2010 Award – Fritz-Freyschlag for Solidarity and Humanity, Linz, Austria
2009 Award – Excellent Assistance of International Students, BGSU, Bowling Green, Ohio, U.S.
2004 Award – Winner of International Creative Competition, Painting, Linz, Austria
2003 Award – Winner of International Creative Competition, Painting, Linz, Austria
2001 Award – Leonardo – Process Oriented Improvements in Organizations, Linz, Austria

Furthermore, she maintains membership with numerous organizations to aid in her professional development. These institutions include the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Great Falls Counseling Association (GFCA), the Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD), the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association (ARCA), the Association for Counselor and Education and Supervision (ACES), the Ohio Counseling Association (OCA) and Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) International Honor Society.

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